Fruit Fly Trap

    • Double-sided sticky traps: our fruit fly trap is specially designed for flying insects. The bright yellow color of gnat trap can attract flying insects. When the insects are attracted to the gnat killer, the strong glue on the gnat trap can hold the insects firmly and prevent them from escaping.
    • Persistence of gnat trap: both sides of our fruit fly trap is equipped with high-viscosity glue with uv resistance and waterproof properties. The glue is very durable, so there is no need to worry about the sticky traps degumming. They do not need to be replaced until they are completely covered by bugs.
    • Easy to install: the acute angle at the bottom of the fruit fly trap can be directly inserted into the soil, avoiding the trouble of tying ropes or hooks. Our gnat trap is suitable for indoor and outdoor plants, especially potted plants, which has a very significant insect control effect.
    • Harmless and odorless: our fruit fly trap uses bright yellow and glue to capture insects, which is the physical insect repellent without using any other insect repellents. Moreover, our gnat killer insecticide has no peculiar smell and harmful substances, and will not cause any impact on people and pets.
    • Widely used: our fruit fly trap can be used for indoor potted plants as well as outdoor gardens, and the insect repellent effect is remarkable. In addition, our sticky traps can repel many types of insects, such as aphids, fungi, fruit flies, ladybirds, mosquitoes, etc.

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 Sticky Trap

  • The flower, tree, butterfly, bird, cat, explosion of star shapes, etc. We always try our best to satisfy your love and taste! Double-sided long-lasting adhesive, catch small insects effectively and fun.
  • All kinds of gnat traps meet all your needs.
  • fruit fly killer for improving family life quality.
  • Open the package and you will get a great value yellow sticky insect trap.
  • Uses of a small shovel:
  • Setting in place: To achieve the best results, use a spade to dig a slot in the soil in advance. It makes it easier for fruit fly traps to be inserted into the soil.
  • Of course, you can also use this small shovel to remove the used sticky trap.
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